Masterpiece London

Featuring five critically-acclaimed muralists from London and across Ontario and Canada, Masterpiece London enriched the outdoor urban space on the north side of RBC Place London with three days of programming and a lasting artistic impact. 

From June 14-16, 2018, the space under the skyway bridge at RBC Place London’s King Street entrance was transformed into a lively community space that featured live music, food trucks, family programming, a night market of 25 vendors, and the unveiling of five new murals painted on the skyway.

View the photo gallery below to see the finished murals and images from the event. 


Skyway Bridge Mural

In Spring of 2014, London artist Tracy Root painted a mural in the Skyway Bridge through the London Art Council's Mural Program. The mural is a tribute to the Canadian Landscape. 

Day 27 (8).JPG    Mural Image.jpg  

Art Installation - Moving Everything Everywhere All the Time

Digital Print by Dusty Peas (Jamie Q & James Kirkpatrick), 2012

This artwork is derived from an image that Dusty Peas created for their limited edition artists' book, A Journey Through Time & Shapes. It is located on the second floor near the elevators.