London designated as Canada's first UNESCO City of Music!

The City of London, together with the Canadian Commission for UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), is proud to announce that London has been designated a UNESCO City of Music. London is Canada’s first city to receive this designation.

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There is a lot to see and discover in London, Ontario. We've created a series of Google Maps to help guests, visitors and even locals better explore London's Downtown Core. 

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Culture City

Partner with the London Arts Council for On-Site Art-Making, On-Site Performances, or Walking Art Tours. It's a great way to enhance your conference, convention, or event with engaging arts and culture. Visit the site for more information. 


Stretch Break along with your Coffee Break!

Need to take a fitness break between meetings or speakers? Choose a distance, either within the building or outside, and get moving! 

Pedway: 100M
East Foyer: 60M
South Foyer: 95M
Total: 255M
Grand staircase: 40 steps

The distance from the 2nd floor pedway from the Doubletree Hilton entrance is 255M which equals 1KM when walked 4 times. 20 times equals 5KM. Walking around the block is 777M, do it twice to make it 1.5KM!

Downtown Dining 

This map will highlight a diverse number of dining opportunities in Downtown London and a few within a short driving distance. 

LCC.JPG - RBC Place London                    Coffee.JPG    Coffee & Tea Locations   cocktails.JPG - Places to enjoy an evening drink
home decor.JPG - Healthy Drinks                           Women Clothing.JPG - For your Sweet Tooth      Unisex clothing.JPG - Quick Meal options
Sweets.JPG - Casual & Roadhouses              purple.JPG  - Lunch & Dinner Dine-In options (Business - Fine Dining)
Men Clothing.JPG - Asian                                           Indian food.JPG  - Indian Cusine


Shopping In Downtown London

London is home to a diverse collection of unique shops and stores that offer everything from clothing, to home decor, to outdoor necessities, and much more.

Women Clothing.JPG- Women's clothing/lifestyle                       home decor.JPG - Home decor         book store.JPG - Book shops
Sweets.JPG- Specialty food & drink shops                   Unisex clothing.JPG - Unisex clothing   sports.JPG  - Sporting goods stores
Technology.JPG - Electronics/Electronic Services/Music    Misc.JPG - Miscellaneous - Gifts/cards/accessories/shoes/hobby shops
flower shop.JPG - Flower shops                                               Pharmacy.JPG - Pharmacy             Men Clothing.JPG- Men's Clothing

Entertainment & Attractions

London has multiple entertainment options in the downtown core and beyond.  Whether you're looking for sports, comedy or music - London has something for everyone. 

Sports and Activities.JPG-Sports/Activities           Family Acitvities.JPG-Family Activities     Live Entertainment.JPG-Live Entertainment
Movie Theatres.JPG-Movie Theatre                Music Concert Hall.JPG-Music/Concert Hall

Experience London

The London area is rich with art and culture. Home to numerous museums, heritage sites, galleries and more London offers the artistic and historical mind a plethora of opportunities to enjoy.  

Art Gallery.JPG - Art Galleries & Studios
Movie Theatres.JPG- Theatres
Historic Site.JPG - Historic Site
Museum.JPG - Museum